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Autumn term starts for pupils on Tuesday 4th September 2018 at 8:45am.
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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!



Year 1 Superhero Day

Year 1 Superhero Day 1
Year 1 Superhero Day 2
Year 1 Superhero Day 3
Year 1 Superhero Day 4
Year 1 Superhero Day 5
Year 1 Superhero Day 6
Year 1 Superhero Day 7
Year 1 Superhero Day 8
Year 1 Superhero Day 9
Year 1 Superhero Day 10
Year 1 Superhero Day 11
Year 1 Superhero Day 12
Year 1 Superhero Day 13
Year 1 Superhero Day 14
Year 1 Superhero Day 15

25.05.18 - To finish our topic of Superheroes, Year 1 had a superhero day. Over the past two weeks we have been receiving letters from Evil Mr Freeze who had trapped lots of superheroes. Each day we completed challenges to try and save a superhero whilst increasing our superhero powers. On the last day, Evil Mr Freeze recaptured all the superheroes. Throughout the day we had lots of challenges. First, we had to follow instructions to make a superhero smoothie and try some to build our strength and speed. We used building bricks to design traps and completed individual superhero passports ready for the party. We decorated superhero themed biscuits and went on a secret mission around the school by finding QR codes. In the afternoon, we had a party to celebrate saving all the superheroes. Thank you for all your fantastic contributions of food. We hope the children had a brilliant superhero day!

Onesie Wednesday

Onesie Wednesday 1

Potion Making - Capacity

Potion Making - Capacity 1
Potion Making - Capacity 2
Potion Making - Capacity 3
Potion Making - Capacity 4
Potion Making - Capacity 5
Potion Making - Capacity 6
Potion Making - Capacity 7
Potion Making - Capacity 8
Potion Making - Capacity 9
Potion Making - Capacity 10
Potion Making - Capacity 11
Potion Making - Capacity 12
Potion Making - Capacity 13
Potion Making - Capacity 14
Potion Making - Capacity 15

Maths Measurement

This half term we have really enjoyed learning about measurement. The children had great fun measuring each others height and the length of various objects around the classroom. We used bucket scales to weigh objects and compare the weights. The class loved making potions using ingredients like dragons blood, fairy dust and princess hair to test capacity. 

Wild Plant Hunting

Wild Plant Hunting 1
Wild Plant Hunting 2
Wild Plant Hunting 3
Wild Plant Hunting 4
Wild Plant Hunting 5
Wild Plant Hunting 6
Wild Plant Hunting 7
Wild Plant Hunting 8
Wild Plant Hunting 9
Wild Plant Hunting 10
Wild Plant Hunting 11
Wild Plant Hunting 12
Wild Plant Hunting 13

World Book Day 2018

Biscuit Making

Biscuit Making 1
Biscuit Making 2
Biscuit Making 3
Biscuit Making 4
Biscuit Making 5
Biscuit Making 6
Biscuit Making 7
Biscuit Making 8
Biscuit Making 9
Biscuit Making 10
Biscuit Making 11
Biscuit Making 12

02.02.18 - After learning about 'bossy verbs' and instructions in English, we wrote our own instructions for making biscuits as a class. We tested these out following step by step and enjoyed working together in groups. We even got to decorate and taste the biscuits in the afternoon; they were very tasty!


Thank you to all our fantastic parent helpers.

Christmas Jumpers 2017

Christmas Jumpers 2017 1
Christmas Jumpers 2017 2

27.11.17 - Year 1 had a fantastic day at Goodrich Castle. We took part in 'A Time Beyond Living Memory' workshop where the children got to learn about the castle through real life characters and stories. We joined in with a song and dance; even some of the class got to dress up. After lunch, we explored the castle in smaller groups and walked around where the moat would have been. The children were very excited to see the dungeons. 


A massive thank you to our brilliant volunteers and parent helpers for coming on our trip, and to the children for being so well behaved. We hope you enjoyed the day.