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Autumn term starts for pupils on Tuesday 4th September 2018 at 8:45am.
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Year 4

This page is run by our digital leaders, Oliver, William, Eloise and Lexie. They take all of the photos and write a short summary for each week.
The boys didn't build dens apart from Oliver. Oliver's den is the picture with no one in it. The other boys played tag and hide and seek. Some girls built dens and Ruby made adorable mud sculptures: a hedgehog, a cat, a tea set and a cup. Freya C, Sarah and Gracie did some beautiful paintings as well.

Morning group

At forest school this week we carried on doing mud sculptures and the ones from last week had dried and looked amazing some people made potions with mud and smelly plants. We also played chocolate river and bat and moth.  It was great fun!

( Sorry no photos this weekwink)

morning group

Ollie and Josh made boats that actually floated! Whilst, some of the girls and boys made dens and others made mud and clay to make sculptures. It is great fun!

Morning Group


Nearly everyone had great fun building a den out of plastic, rope and natural resources. It was our first session and the weather wasn't good but we still had fun!


Afternoon Group


We were all really excited for our first Forest School's session. Some of us made dens but some of us made animals out of twigs, leaves and anything we could find!