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We will be sending further information out to our families regarding arrangements for the new term the week beginning 24th August. This will be via email and will also be placed here on our website.
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English Key Objectives



  •   I can read accurately and fluently without overt sounding and blending.
  •  I can answer questions and make some inferences based on what has been said and done.

  • I can make links between the book I am reading and other books I have read.



  • I can use capital letters and full stops in most of my sentences.
  •  I can write a short piece of clear and sequenced writing about something that has happened to me or somebody I know.
  •  I can add the suffixes -ment, -ful, -ly, -less, -ness to root words correctly most of the time, e.g. enjoyment, happiness, beautiful, busily.


Please find activities below related to these key objectives.