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We are now open to all pupils in the LCC, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 as well as critical workers' children and vulnerable pupils in Years 2, 3, 4 & 5. Please familiarise yourself with documents to keep everyone safe.
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Ok, so this week we will be focusing on subtraction, and different ways you can find your answers...and hopefully you will find the way that works for you best!


Start off by looking at the explanation sheets on the attatched document..the focus is on a number square so you can see how the tricks and shortcuts work.


Please do not worry that the document says week 7,  I am picking and choosing different weeks to vary the topics...and areas I think we need to practise!

Remember you don't need to print off the questions unless you want to, you can always copy them onto paper first!


So .....

to take away 11, take away 10 then take away 1 

( remember taking away 10 means  you reduce the number in the tens column by 1).

to take away 21, take away 20 then take away 1

to take away 31, take away 30 then take away 1....and so on!


to take away 9, take away 10 then add 1

to take away 19, take away 20 then add 1

to take away 29, take away 30 then add 1...and so on.

The investigation is great fun...some good patterns to spot...worth a go!smiley