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Reception parents are invited to a phonics evening - Thursday 19th September, 6pm at Lugwardine Primary School
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This week's book winnner is...

This week's book winnner is... 1 Lexie

Year 5 will be required to write a book review at the end of each book they have read. They may complete this at home and bring it into school if they wish but may also complete first thing in the morning within school.

Below is an outline of what they should write.





You need to do write each of the following:


Book Title




What was the book about?

Summarise the story, what happens?

If it is a non-fiction book, how is it presented? What are the key facts?

You should write 3 sentences minimum.


Who are the main characters?

What can you tell us about them? How do you know?


What did you think of the book?

Would you recommend the book to someone else? Why/Why not?

You must give a reason, try and use literacy features to support your opinion.


Who is the book for?



Give a reason why.


How many stars out of five would you give the book?

Draw the numbers of stars!





Children should bring their reading record books in on a Monday morning to be checked. You and your child are able to complete this and if it is signed by an adult at least three times in a week, they will receive a raffle ticket. In school, we record when we hear the children read on our own recording sheets so do not be shocked to see we haven’t written in them!