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8 Times Table revisit!!!!

OK, today lets refresh our memory, watch some songs and practise!!  This is good for 'skip counting'  I quite like Ziggy's version as well!!


Now, write out the 8 times table......take care to set out in a column, following a pattern:


1 x 8 =  8

2 x 8 = 16

3 x 8 = 24......and so on up to 12 x 8.


what do you notice about the units in each answer...can you describe the pattern they follow?  What about the tens column...what pattern can you see there?


OK, last task for today......look at each sum and I know that already? ( maybe from other tables?)


Now write them out in 2 columns:


I know these...great!                                  I need to practise these!


That should help you to focus on the ones you to learn!


Have fun!