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Week Beginning 2.11.20

Good afternoon everyone.  We have completed the first week of the second Autumn term and what a busy week we’ve had! It was lovely to speak with so many of you at parents’ evening and share how your children have settled in to Caterpillar class.  If you were not able to make a telephone consultation last week please send me an email or message to arrange one at another time.


You may have spotted a couple of new adult faces in Y1 this week.  We are very happy to welcome Mrs Austin and Mr Macfarlane into our class.  Mrs Skyrme is now working in Red Ants and Mrs Austin has joined us as her replacement.  Mr Macfarlane is undertaking his PGCE at the University of Worcester and is on his first teaching placement.  Mr Macfarlane will be working alongside Miss Lait and myself to plan and teach whole class lessons and work with groups of children.  He has really enjoyed his first week with us and nearly knows everyone’s name! 


This week we have concentrated on Bonfire Night in English, using adjectives to describe what we can see, hear, smell, taste and feel when we are watching fireworks.  We then used these adjectives to write a ‘senses’ poem.  I was so impressed with the fantastic range of vocabulary that the children were able to use!


Our sounds this week have been ‘oi,’ ‘air,’ and ‘ear.’ Our tricky word of the week has been ‘you.’  We use a fantastic website called Phonics Play in our Phonics lessons.  Due to the current situation they have given schools permission to share their login details with families, so that children who are self-isolating can access their resources.  I would like to share these details with all of the children in Caterpillar class so that you can all access the different games we play in class, to support learning at home.  The games can be found in Resources, Phase 2 and Phase 3.  Please do keep these details confidential as we do have a school subscription, so they must not be shared publicly (see Seesaw.)


This year we are unable to perform our usual Nativity and so Mrs Phillips has organised for a whole school performance to be filmed in our separate bubbles instead.  Each class has been given a song to contribute and ours is called Snowflakes.  We will be performing a short dance routine as well as singing the song.  Rehearsals for this have begun this week, more details to follow.


We have ventured into space this week in our PE sessions!  We all boarded a rocket ship and zoomed through space to find the Blue Planet.  When we got to the Blue Planet we explored the surface using jumps in different directions, making sure that we had full control at all times.  We then sang and performed jumping actions to our song ‘When I was one...’. We had lots of fun and it was a brilliant way to practise jumping forwards, backwards, side to side and round in 90 degree turns.



In Maths we have moved onto using the part part whole model for addition.  The children have used concrete apparatus and pictures to help them carry out addition with single digit numbers.  We have discussed the answers to questions with our Talk Partners on the carpet and it has been wonderful to see the children help each other find the answers.  Using the part part whole model we have begun to address the fact that addition can be done in any order, as long as children recognise that the ‘whole’ is the total.  Using this we have developed ‘fact families’ such as 2 + 4 = 6 and 4 + 2 = 6.  We’ve also put the ‘whole’ first! So 6 = 4 + 2 and 6 = 2 + 4.


In Science we have been thinking about our changing weather and how we are well and truly in Autumn! We explored outside and tried to spot some signs of Autumn. The children then discussed what clothes we would typically wear in the UK in autumn and what happens to the leaves on some trees. Next week we will be starting our new science topic- materials!


In PSHE during circle time, we have been thinking about how important turn taking is through a series of games where the children had to swap positions.  We also played a game where the children found different rhyming words and practised being able to discriminate between sounds.  All of the short games are designed to promote the children's communications skills, including being able to give effective eye contact and be able to express their feelings.  



We have started R.E. this week, starting with an introduction into what religion is and learning some of the names of the different religions we will be discussing over their time at primary school.  Our RE key question for this half term is - What do Christians believe God is like? We read a story about a boy called Daniel who is a Christian and what that means for him and his family. Next week we will start looking at different parables from the bible to explore what Christians believe God is like.


We hope that you all have a lovely weekend.