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We are now open to all pupils in the LCC, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 as well as critical workers' children and vulnerable pupils in Years 2, 3, 4 & 5. Please familiarise yourself with documents to keep everyone safe.
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Work at Home Resources for Parents

In the event of a whole-school closure, we hope you find the following useful in supporting your child with their learning at home. You will also find further information and website links on our school website page found under children/school closure resources for parents.

 Please also look at "School Resources"  under the "Children " tab where you will find lots of useful resources/websites.


I have set up some assignments on Emile.  Each child has their own log in details. Please email me for your child's personal  log in and password.

Targets for Children in Red Ants During School Closure



  1. Using paper squares, make a number line to 0- 10. Child hides their eyes, take a number away, and ask, “What’s gone?” Repeat several times.
  2. Using objects practise counting how many, first to 5, then on to 10.
  3. Practise writing numbers 0-10.


  1. Use the sounds book to continue to learn the Jolly Phonics sounds covered so far.
  2. Make up short sentences for your child to write over/copy underneath.
  3. Read books together at home, ask “who,” “what,” and “where” questions about the story.

Year 1


  1. Practise adding 2, 3, or4 to a single digit number, e.g. 4+3= .
  2. Practise taking away 2, 3, or 4 from a number e.g. 8 – 3 =.
  3. Practise writing numbers to 50.


  1. Think of and write words starting with sh, ch and th.
  2. Read books together at home, ask “who,” “what,” and “where” questions about the story.
  3. Write a sentence about the story you have read, remember capital letters and full stops.

Year 2


  1. Practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.
  2. Play shops, price items, buy things using 10p, practise giving change, (e.g. item marked at 6p, how much change from 10p?) Using and practising number bonds to 10. Move on to using 20p, how much change then?
  3. Time, learn, months of the year in order, days of the week, practise writing them. Read the time to the hour and half past. Practise reading analogue and digital clocks.


  1. Read books together at home, ask “who,” “what,”  “where” and “why” questions about the story.
  2. Look for known phonemes in a piece of writing, poetry or newspaper article (e.g. can you find any words with the “igh”  phoneme etc.)
  3. Write about a story you have read, remember, capital letters and full stops. Try to use adjectives and conjunctions in your writing.

 Please use the attached Jolly Phonics and Phonic Sounds sheets to help the children.


   Useful Websites

Espresso education

username: student15545

password: hamptondene


Hit the button – lots of maths games


BBC Bitesize – range of activities for primary aged children


Maths for everyone


English for everyone

Classroom secrets – you can sign up for free as a parent and access resources