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Welcome back to Summer term. Please check the June newsletter for lots of important dates.
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Hampton Dene Discoverers

Hampton Dene Discoverers

Hampton Dene Discoverers is a bespoke curriculum tailored to the needs of the children that attend Hampton Dene School.


The World Health Organisation in 1999 identified the following core cross-cultural areas of life skills: 

  • Decision making and problem solving  

  • Creative thinking  

  • Communication and interpersonal skills  

  • Self-awareness and empathy  

  • Assertiveness and equanimity  

  • Resilience and coping with emotions and stress 


Based on these core areas and children’s voice, Hampton Dene Discovers curriculum was developed. This curriculum is based on developing children’s life skills both in and out of the classroom. At the core of the curriculum is Hampton Dene’s three discoverers’ rules ‘ready, respectful and safe’. Each year group shared what they wanted to learn and what life skills they valued to develop our own curriculum.  


Please see below for Hampton Dene discoverers Intent statement and Long Term plan which is embedded across Hampton Dene. 


Hampton Dene Discoverers Intent

Hampton Dene Discoverers Implement