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We are beginning a phased re opening of school on Monday 1st June. Please read the information in the newsletter section for further detail.
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Week 2

Whittling Week 2


This week the children enjoyed whittling hazel sticks, making clay models, exploring the new bird hide and sitting around the fire for a hot chocolate. We explored the site for hazel and some of the children had a go at using the loppers to cut some of the smaller cuts. The children were introduced to the term 'blood bubble', which means an area that they can use tools safely in. The children were taught to ensure that they were not sat closely to anyone and that they could raise their arms up and over their head to form an imaginary bubble to keep themselves and others safe. 


Some of the children brought the 1970s theme outside by making 70s characters with "funny long hair" and "bushy long beards"! Great fun had by all and some yummy hot chocolate. Our fire safety rules were also reinforced reminding children how to move safely around the circle/ fire. 

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